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e-Learning: An Antivenom for literacy

E-learning is a formalized teaching platform that is also known as a Learning Management system/solution (LMS), where we can learn over or via the internet. Different electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones can be used for E-learning purposes which are connected to the internet. It provides an interactive environment where one can communicate with professors and students from our class. This revolution has led to remarkable changes in the way content is assessed discussed and shared.



E-learning is the need of the day. It has numerous benefits. It’s cost-effective and time-effective. In the current situation like Corona-Virus, It was the only way to get students and teachers on the same platform using technology. Different institutes have used different available solutions like Google classroom, zoom, Skype, and other web or Mobile Applications, but these applications have not fulfilled the all needs of the students and teachers. Its need of time that we have a platform that could be utilized as a complete solution for an institute.













 Many benefits could be counted as:



Firstly it requires fewer employees as compared to the traditional class system. Learning material can be assessed anywhere anytime. Recorded lectures can also be assessed.



The lecture can be given live where students can raise a hand and communicate in real-time which is also known as synchronous e-learning while sometimes it’s recorded in the form of a video which is also known as asynchronous e-learning. Various tools are provided for live interaction such as screen sharing, chats, and screen annotation. Professor assesses the students and assigns a grade based on participation in an online class, quizzes and assignments, and exams submitted by students. 



The attendance is marked based on the students present in the class and that live lectures can also be recorded. The attendance management system can be used to mark the attendance of students accurately without putting much effort. It also generates a report of each student via a single click. Additionally, Manual attendance can be marked in the attendance record book. Google form and video call can also be used for marking attendance.



We could also extend these features to the national level, by making a “Live Institute” having centralized data of all the Public Institutes in the country



  • Here teachers from any Institute could be able to teach in multiple institutes across the country. 
  • Also, the quality of Education could be easily analyzed and monitored.
  • Online testing could also give another feature of Education Quality analysis.
  • There will be symmetry in the Education system across the country.
  • The cost of Education could be easily lessened which will help the students from a low financial background.

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