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Empowering Governments with Technology

Custom Software and Artificial Intelligence Solutions to empower Government offices and processes (1)

What Voliom Offers


National Database Development and Management

Voliom is helping the Governments lacking in technology of National Database to develop Database for them to make one point Solution for Identity problem. National Database will help in developing e-Passport, e-Driving License, e- National ID card,  Child registration, e-Health cards and other Identity related Solution. Voliom will help in development of these entire systems. The Identification system involve high level security and detection system like AFID, Fingerprint.


Solutions for Accounts and Taxation department

Complete software solution to manage Ministry of accounts and Taxation, to get maximum tax reports and manage the Whole ministry. This will include development of HRM software to manage the employees record and get maximum tax reports. A commplete suit for taxation department to track the taxation and get tax filed

Immigration and Border Control System

Voliom is willing to help the governments is maintaining he border security with system tailored integrated border management system. This system will be biometric based that will immediately identify and reports.

  • Machine reading of passport and Travel Documents.
  • Identification of passenger through AFIS and Facial 1:1 match
  • Centralized connection and data sharing system
  • Validation of PKI by reading MRZ and 2D Barcode PDF 417.


Why Choose Voliom

Accurate Record-Keeping

Always On Time

Voliom Policy is to get work done in the less time as assigned by the client

Data Security

Data-security is first and last priority , for which we have a complete department for Data-security and anti-theft

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24/7 customer support to get issues fixed on spot

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© 2023 Voliom All Rights Reserved