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At Voliom, we prioritize the security of our clients’ data and operations. Our multi-layered security approach is designed to provide comprehensive protection against various threats. Here’s a detailed look at our security framework.

Data & Infrastructure Security

Secure Data Infrastructure Provider

We partner with top-tier data infrastructure providers to ensure that our systems are robust, scalable, and secure.

Data Encryption

All data, whether at rest or in transit, is encrypted using advanced encryption protocols to protect against unauthorized access.

Data Resilience

We implement comprehensive backup and recovery strategies to maintain data integrity and availability, ensuring quick restoration in case of disruptions.

Strict Access Control

Access to data and systems is governed by strict role-based access controls, allowing only authorized personnel to interact with sensitive information.

Server Security and Monitoring

Our servers are fortified with the latest security measures and continuously monitored to detect and respond to any suspicious activities.

Personnel Security

Formal Security Policies

We have established formal security policies that guide our operations and ensure adherence to best security practices.

Strict Onboarding and Offboarding

Our onboarding and offboarding processes are designed to manage access rights meticulously, ensuring that access is granted and revoked appropriately.

Continuous Security Training

Employees receive ongoing security training to stay updated on the latest security threats and best practices, enhancing our overall security posture.

Dedicated Security Team

A dedicated security team oversees our security measures, continually monitoring and improving our defenses against emerging threats.

Application Development

Penetration Testing

We conduct regular penetration testing on our applications to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Application Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of our applications helps us promptly detect and respond to potential security issues, maintaining the integrity of our software.

Software Development

Our development practices integrate security at every stage, following secure coding standards and rigorous testing to produce resilient software.

Third-Party Monitoring

We perform diligent monitoring of third-party components to ensure they meet our stringent security standards, minimizing risk from external dependencies.

Incident Response

We have robust incident response protocols to quickly address and mitigate any security breaches:

  • Incident Management: Our dedicated incident response team is equipped to handle security incidents efficiently, minimizing impact and recovery time.
  • Disaster Recovery: We have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure data integrity and business continuity in case of an incident.

Client Assurance

We are committed to transparency and client trust:

  • Security Policies: Our security policies are designed to protect client data and ensure safe operations.
  • Regular Communication: We keep clients informed about security practices and updates, fostering trust and transparency.


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© 2024 Voliom All Rights Reserved